Project Cancelled was set up in 2014 by aviation writer Rowland White to celebrate the best in aviation, space and other cool stuff.

Fans of science fiction and cult movies have been well served by T-shirt companies. There are hundreds of T-shirts out there displaying wit, imagination and great design. In comparison, those in search of decent aviation T-shirts have enjoyed pretty slim pickings. We thought they deserved better and Project Cancelled was the result.

Our T-shirts, featuring designs inspired by aviation, space and other cool stuff, have been produced with all the passion, care and understanding that was so evident in the best sci-fi and cult movie t-shirts.

Why the name? As a boy, a book called Project Cancelled had a kind of magnetic effect on me. It was a history of all the exotic British aircraft designs that never made it. A handful flew, but most didn’t make it off the drawing board. Somehow, instead of being depressing, the book fired my imagination – enough that I ended up writing military aviation books like Vulcan 607, Phoenix Squadron, Storm Front, Into the Black and Harrier 809,  so time dreaming of a future that never came to pass was time well spent.

Some of those tantalising what-ifs feature in the range of Project Cancelled designs, like our TSR-2 or Avro Arrow Pilots Notes designs. Alongside these there are t-shirts inspired by real aviation history, like the one marking the iconic SR-71 Blackbird spyplane’s deployment to Japan, and memorable aviation moments from cult movies like from Top Gun to The Wild Geese, and from Flash Gordon to Avengers. A few mash up fact and fiction: where geek worlds collide.

On the site now is barely a hint of what’s to come. New designs will be added to the store regularly so please sign up to our newsletter or follow us on twitter for news of the latest aviation T-shirts from Project Cancelled.
We hope you like them as much as we enjoyed making them.